AgencyBud ACTIVITY STar Award

Fellow AgencyBudders!
The Activity Challenge for February was awesome!
What we’re seeing is that those that make their commitments at the start of the week… And then update with progress on friday are ALL seeing their businesses move forward!
I’m so impressed to see it.

OUR WINNER FOR FEBRUARY IS….. :drum::drum::drum:
Dorn Brenton!

Congratulations Dorn!
Absolute consistancy.
Posted intentions – posted results (made sales! Bonus!)

And an awesome example of building and maintaining momentum.

AgencyBudders – I hope it pumps you up!

Dorn – We’ve got $500 for your favourite charity

Let’s ROLL!
March Activity Contest is in FULL SWING –
Post your commitments for this week right now if you haven’t.
It’s SUPER helpful to keep you moving forward