EPISODE 19: Don’t Sell! How To Grow Your Brand And Have People Love You With Lynsey Sweales

The structure of developing a story in your marketing


Lynsey Sweales is a world-renowned speaker on marketing, with clients like Aston Martin, Lloyds Bank and Even the United Nations! Her style is ‘roll up the sleeves and figure it out’! This entertaining episode covers growth, team building and strategy for success in the competitive marketing space. Enjoy (and don’t forget to hit subscribe at http://blog.agencybud.com 🙂 )

Show Notes:

3:12 What I have a real passion for is practical skills and really adding value to things and really giving my best effort.  

5:15 [I] had no qualifications, but it was just a, if you’d give me something, give me a problem. I will go a way and find the answer

8:54 I’m still always learning. Um, I always say to myself and my team, you have to learn every single day. 

12:02 I’ve always worn the hat of, I would always want to treat my team how I want to be treated. So very transparent, very honest, very empathetic, but also sort of firm, but fair. 

13:41 The earlier you can say, that’s what I’m aiming for, it helps you then make decisions in what directions to take your business.

17:21 We just focus on being a little boutique agency doing amazing work. And because we do that, those companies come to us. 

19:31 Might sound a little bit weird but do not sell because as soon as you start selling online, whether that’s saying come and do this, come and do that, it just turns people off. So on the flip side of that, my must is give oodles of value and valuable content.

24:09 We’ve trained a huge amount of businesses during COVID for free majority of with webinars and live streams and all stuff like that. And we did it because I wanted to to help businesses during difficult times, especially face to face retail they’ve really suffered, and tourism, but the bonus of that is we’ve generated a huge amount of business. So we are incredibly lucky. 

25:54 They trust us because they know we’re not here just taking money off them. It’s all about performance and getting profitable return on investment.

27:04  I think the one bit of advice I would give is don’t wait for things to come back. Cause they’re not going to come back. Really think about your online marketing and put your customer shoes on. Look back at what’s happened over the last few months and see how your, you know, some people’s customers have changed completely. 

33:40 And some of us humans are very nice and we, you know, put on a forum or a blog post about something. And so we’re actually helping other people because that’s our human instinct, but brands don’t do that and they don’t get it.

36:12 When people do come to your website, make sure they say yes to something. So whether it’s yes to signing up to an email, but not just subscribed to our email, why, what value are you going to give? If you’ve got a blog post, have a clear call to action down the right hand side, but focus on them, focusing on their challenges.

39:46 Don’t be frightened of always trying to get them to actually give you data. If you give them value, they won’t forget you. 

42:33 People are looking for so much other content and that comes with video content, podcast content, blog content. So you can’t, you can’t be successful online without content. 

43:42 Go on the channel where your audience is but don’t just do that. Ask people around those channels, obviously the various age demographics and go, how do you use it.



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